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It said Liu Yun Gong did not show up for work on Aug. 21, 2016. When a supervisor called her phone, it went unanswered. Yu Wei Gong called the supervisor the next day, saying his mother was on another Hawaiian island and had left her phone at home. Three women watched the hearing and said outside court they wanted to support Gong spiritually because he had attended their church. Gong and his mother, who they knew by different names, attended Waipahu United Church of Christ, said former pastor Norma Desaegher. "He has nobody. No family as far as we can tell," she said, adding that it's been several years since she กระเป๋า ZARA ราคาถูก last saw him.

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Theresa May speaking in Berkshire But the Taxpayers Alliance campaign group said it was disappointed that the "arbitrary and meaningless" target was not being dispensed with. Reality Check: How much does UK spend on aid? Foreign aid has been ringfenced from public spending cuts over the past seven years and has been one of the few areas to see a large increase in budgets. In 2015, the last year for which figures are available, the UK spent 12.1bn on overseas development assistance. This was projected to rise to 13.3bn in 2016. 'Better off' This has proved unpopular with some Tory MPs at a time of austerity in domestic public services and amid media reports about waste in certain aid projects. The BBC's political correspondent Chris Mason said a senior Conservative source, familiar with the aid budget, refused to be drawn as to whether this amounted to an acceptance of how aid spending is currently defined, or could potentially include a broadening of what would count as aid spending in future. Image copyright PA Image caption The triple lock is one of the government's most expensive policy commitments Asked about another of the Conservatives' 2015 election manifesto commitments - the so-called "triple lock" on the state pension which guarantees an annual rise of at least 2.5% - Mrs May declined to confirm it would stay in force. "What I would say to pensioners, is just look what the Conservatives in government have done," she said.