Step-by-step Handy Secrets For Ball Gowns


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International tourists with an Indian guide walk up the steps towards Saint Mary Supriya Vohra hears from Goans about the days leading up to liberation. Image caption Mr Rebelo was 14 when Goa was freed from Portuguese rule Vasco, where we lived, was a trading port. After the Indian government imposed an economic blockade on Goa, our provisions would be imported from across the world - potatoes from the Netherlands, wine from Portugal, vegetables and rice from Pakistan, tea from Ceylon [now Sri Lanka], cement from Japan, steel from Belgium. They would arrive in Vasco and then travel to different parts of Goa. I remember the morning of 17 December when we heard that a bridge was bombed [by Portuguese troops, to hinder the Indian army advance]. My father sent us to my mother's maiden home, 30km (19 miles) south of Vasco. When we returned some days later, we found that the Indian military had taken over our building. Image caption A Goan newspaper on 20 December 1961, with the headline 'Long live India' The governor general was a man of first class character. When he visited Goa in 1983, we felicitated him with open arms. We Goans have always believed in an environment-friendly lifestyle and economy. But things have changed in the last few years.
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