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13 Questionably Chic Things Made From IKEA ‘FRAKTA’ Bags It’s called FASHION, mum. God, look it up. Ever since Demna Gvasalia, of Vetements fame, took over the reins at Balenciaga, the fashion house has taken things in… well, a little bit of a different direction. Gvasalia’s signature of making normal things seem fashionable was transferred over to Balenciaga, and that new high-to-low, normcore vibe came to a pretty polarising peak when the brand released a $2,847 bag that looked eerily similar to an IKEA ‘FRAKTA’ $0.99 carryall . The bag dropped online, memes are made, laughs were had, IKEA released its own cheeky response and life went on. At least we thought it did, until we were scrolling through our Instagram explore page and spied a particularly brave human being wearing a g-string fashioned out of the straps of the FRAKTA bag. It turns out, people were taking a bit more inspiration from the Balenciaga-IKEA ordeal than we could have predicted. Not only were g-strings gracing our Instagrams (we use that term very lightly), but sneakers, hoodies, bags and hats. Here, we take a look at 13 FRAKTA-inspired items we would consider (CONSIDER) putting on our bodies.

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